Surgical Review Question Banks and ABSITE Question Flashcards


Surgery Review Question Banks and ABSITE Question Flashcards

Absite Review Questions for surgical residents!  We bring surgery residents high level Absite Review Questions and Surgery Review material.  We hope that our resources can provide higher exam scores, but more importantly in-depth  surgical review and learning.  We focus on high yield topics with innovative and engaging iPhone apps. We make high level surgery iPhone apps – Absite Qbanks.  Surgery residents need resources for adequate surgical review, furthermore absite review is an essential part of the growing and learning process.

GENERAL Surgery Board Review is a perfect supplement to personal surgical review, or as a stand-alone  for question-based review. Maximize your question practice and improve your score with this mobile question bank. This iPhone app contains carefully written multiple choice questions for surgery residents taking the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination. The absite review questions focus on high yield surgery material that is repeatedly tested on the real exam, year after year. Each year, more than one third of the ABSITE questions on the real exam are exact repetitions of questions that appeared on past exams.

Absite Assassin mission is to increase surgery knowledge and ABSITE scores for all residents who use this program.

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Surgery Apps for Surgery Review

High Yield Surgery Review App – Surgery review  for today’s General surgery resident.

Surgery Review Question Bank Vol I
Review ALL topics organized in the American Board of Surgery In-Training Exam (ABSITE) format:

  • -Body as a Whole
  • -Gastrointestinal
  • -CV/Respiratory
  • -GU, Head and Neck, Skin, Musculoskeletal, CNS
  • -Endocrine, Spleen, Lymphoma, Breast

Surgery Resident – purchase High Yield  Surgery Review Boards Questions App and get:

    • 1) Over 215 surgery questions per volume for ABSITEreview
    • 2) 100% ABSITE exam-like practice. Written by high scorers, reviewed by faculty.
    • 3) Get started on your ABSITE review earlier for a higher score.
    • 4) Start your exam anytime!
    • 5) Resume if need to pause the exam for a case.
    • 6) Review incorrect only questions – Review your missed surgery questions per section.
    • 7) Review all of exam including your question, correct and incorrect answers, & explanations.
    • 8) Full explanations, recaps, high-yield overview and references – based on text and mini-lectures from expert faculty on the most challenging surgery questions.
    • 9) Easy to use interface.
    • 10) Immediate review of surgery questions

Surgery Review Questions App

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Surgery Review | Absite Questions

When it comes to the American Board of Surgery In-Training Exam , SURGERY REVIEW, Absite Question Banks, there is a dual goal of surgery patient care and high yield surgery review. To that affect, the use of review textbooks are useful.  Now medical applications are gaining weight for ABSITE review.

iABSITE bundled ABSITE Review iPhone applications, namely Surgery Boards Qbank and iABSITE Assassin iFlashcards.  The team at Valence Edu. consists of surgery attendings, surgery residents, and medical students. This venture is their first collaboration, and the products are a great start. They are currently sold via iTunes as universal surgery apps available for iOS devices.

While there are volumes of Surgery and ABSITE review books written on this subject alone and the app presents a simplified look into the efficiency of iPhone Absite question banks for ABSITE review. Some of the improvements include: more questions, accelerator technology, score keeping, and peel away user interface..

The app is relatively new, having just been released late last year. This first version is a great start and the latest version is a great ABSITE review companion.